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they said i should kill you.

the friendly cynic
21 November 1986
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i'll sleep when i'm dead.

i'm sara, i'm twenty-one, and i'm probably losing my mind. i'm a fourth-year biology major at OSU looking desperately for any sort of direction to take with my life. i wanted to be a veterinarian until i realized i hate pet owners, i don't like people enough to be a doctor and i might not be sane enough to cut up the dead ones. right now, i think "wacky science teacher" sounds most fulfilling. one day, i will be a professor at OSU yelling at sassy whippersnappers to get in line.

i like drinking, animals, unconventional piercings and people (observing). i like to touch and smell things. i don't like stoner science, christian science or snotty atheist elitists. i might think you are a complete idiot for having opinions different from my own but i will religiously respect your right to do so... unless they're about religion because that's just annoying. shut up already.

i am facetious beyond all reasonable human capacity. i think irony is the ultimate form of humor immediately under the holy poop joke. i am always angry about something, but not really. it's just funny to be angry about things.

never take anything i say seriously.