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conan o'brien

- Available: NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Age: 22
- Annoyances: irrationality, hypocrisy, pseudoscience and teh dramas.
- Animal: turds.

- Beer: currently arrogant bastard, usually blue moon spring ale.
- Birthday: November 21.
- Best Friends: beth, karen, kaylee, jen.
- Best feeling in the world: being totally comfortable around someone.
- Blind or Deaf: totally deaf. no question.
- Best weather: 65 degrees, no humidity, lots of sun.
- Been in Love: ehhhhh, maybe not.
- Been on stage?: oh yes.
- Believe in Magic: nah.
- Believe in Santa: nah.

- Candy: whatchamacallits and peanut m&ms.
- Color: dark rusty red, black, drab olive green.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla. chocolate flavors can be a gamble.
- Chinese/Mexican: chinese, but not shitty chinese.
- Cake or pie: always pie.
- Continent to visit: europe.
- Cheese: muenster or brie.

- Day or Night: night.
- Dance in the rain: if it's warm outside and i have a change of clothes.

- Eyes: green with some brown shit.
- Everyone's got a(n): asshole.
- Ever failed a class?: nooooo.

- Full name: sara lynn.
- First thoughts waking up: i would give anything for another hour of sleep.

- Greatest Fear: locked-in syndrome or some other persistent vegetative-related condition.
- Goals: become a teacher, spread science into the world and obtain financial security, however modest.
- Gum: orbit sweet mint.
- Get along with your parents?: i get along with my mom pretty well.
- Good luck charm: don't believe in them, but i'm uncomfortable without my giant bag.

- Hair Color: black.
- Height: 4'11"
- Happy: for the most part, yea.
- Holiday: christmas or halloween. depends.
- How do you want to die: in my sleep, preferably. and quickly.

- Ice Cream: blood orange sorbet or mint cookies and cream.
- Instruments: i could potentially still play notes on a trumpet or a french horn.

- Jewelry: glass or steel, nothing flashy outside of my giant cbrs.
- Job: way too much drama.

- Kids: preferably none.
- Kickboxing or karate: kendo?
- Keep a journal?: just the livejournal.

- Longest Car Ride: 12ish hours to mississippi. ugh.
- Love: science jokes, mattar paneer and sleeping.
- Letter: s. maybe i'm vain.

- Milk flavor: the made-from-rice-kind.
- Movies: return of the jedi, mad max beyond thunderdome, dragon ball evolution BAAARGFHFFHHFHG
- Motion sickness: only rarely when i'm reading in a car.
- McD’s or BK: burger king.

- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: 16 but i only wear jewelry in my cartilage.
- Number of Tattoos: 1.
- Number: 5.

- One wish: for everyone to realize how easy it is to just shut the fuck up and be happy.

- Perfect Pizza: hound dog's hot mama with pepperoni, green olives and smokin' joe's crust.
- Pepsi/Coke: diet coke.

- Quail: primal raw food.

- Reason to cry: definitely the ASPCA commercials.
- Reality T.V.: no thanks.
- Radio Station: classic rock on xm.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: yes.
- Ring size: no fucking clue.

- Song: "windowlicker" by aphex twin.
- Shoe size: 6.5-8 depending on how tightly the shoe fits.
- Salad Dressing: vinaigrette or thousand island (for reubens only).
- Sushi: salmon, tuna or squid nigiri.
- Skipped school: in high school i skipped by faking sick but never actually cut class. in college, almost every day.
- Slept outside: in tents a long time ago.
- Smoked?: off and on but not for quite a while now.
- Skinny dipped?: nope, never. how boring of me is that?
- Shower daily?: no. preferably every other day but sometimes every two days.
- Sing well?: not. even. remotely.
- In the shower?: if there's a song stuck in my head, i'll hum in the shower.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries forever.

- Time for bed: preferably around midnight but closer to 4 am if i end up at hound dog's.
- Thunderstorms: are the best part of summer.

- Unpredictable: keeps me interested.

- Vacation spot: anywhere i can relax.

- Weakness: sappy, affectionate guy shit.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: probably jen? we're weird people and i like that.
- Who makes you laugh the most: lately, marc.
- Worst feeling: being rational enough to realize i can't overcome irrational thoughts.
- Wanted to be a model?: nah.
- Where do we go when we die?: wherever our families put us.
- Worst weather?: that misty 360-degree asshole rain that swirls all around you.

- X-Rays: lots of my teeth and my foot when i stepped on a glass.
- Ex's: eric. ross. the end.

-Year it is now: 2009.
-Yellow: coraline's rain jacket.

- Zoo animal: bongo. do they even still have one?

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: i have no fucking clue. shayne russell and matt sifrit?
2. You went to the mall with?: jen and marc.
3. You went to dinner with: kaylee and annie.
4. You talked to on the phone?: kaylee. our jobs rule!
5. Made you laugh?: zak.
6. Hugged you?: jimmy. :)
7. Said they loved you?: probably beth.
8. Held your hand?: also jimmy. kind of.
9. Spoke with?: kelli, inquiring about kitty's latest rug poop.
10. You cried over?: it's been so long since i've cried over a person. maybe ross? there has to be at least ONE event more recent than that.


what? blood orange sorbet exists? where? i need this in my life.
omg yes you do. it's at giant eagle. it's called something dumb and italian-looking. it comes in a little white plastic pint with like orange and pink crap on the label. GO BUY IT.
- How do you want to die: in my sleep, preferably. and quickly.

assassinated by sam fisher, duuuhhh
haha, yessssssssss. i want to die in his strong, masculine hands.
splinter cell

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